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Our Services - Cosmetic Crowns

You can use crowns to hide defects on your teeth.

Damaged teeth are usually repaired with silver or porcelain fillings. However, fillings may not be an option if a substantial amount of the tooth has been damaged or removed. You may need a cap or crown if a substantial portion of your tooth has been damaged. Here are some situations where caps or crowns are required:
• The enamel isn’t strong enough to hold a large filling.
• You need bridges to fill a gap between teeth.
• You need to repair a tooth that has fractured or shows signs that it may fracture soon.
• You need a cosmetic procedure to hide stains, deformities or implants.

Your crown will cover the tooth and restore it to its original size. It will make the tooth more durable and correct any cosmetic problems.
We will let you know if you need a crown during your visit. The procedure will take at least two visits. You will receive a temporary crown during your first visit. Your dentist will take a mold of your tooth and use it to create a permanent crown that will be attached during the next visit.